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    The arts building is realized inside of the planning area, which position is rotated respect to geometric tangle. It represents the exception to the role and contains different functions.

    In the two underground floors there is the projection hall with a sloping, through the design of another floor, so it’s guaranteed a good view to everybody. While, in correspondence to curtain wall, there is the foyer , that’s a continuation of the external public space. To the ground height there is the entrance of exhibition space.

    The aims objectives of the project are:

    • Exalt the architectural quality and support the comprehension of special values, simplifying the accessible of internal and external spaces.

    • Improve the services’ usability for everybody.

    • Enlarge the develop of free time.


    The realization of these objectives has these presuppositions:

    • The care of all aspects that get involved the architectonic composition: the geometric module, the modular repetition…

    • The definition of materials based on material, technological, economic characteristics

    • The planning of internal and external spaces, that are flexible, exciting a continuous using of structure.



    Contract: Competition   - Integrated agreement

    Project start: 2013

    Site: Casoria, Napoli

    Client: OO.PP.Interregionale Campania/Molise

    Covered area: 13200 m2

    Project cost: € 7.463.000,00

    Phase: Adjudged

    Architect: Giancarlo Scognamiglio

    Collaborators: Silvana Scarati












Arts Park