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    The restoration consists of Castello Cavaniglia' s completion and of Largo Castello's urban requalification. The main idea of the restoration is that the building mustn't be touched and it's essential leave the signs of the time. The position of the castle is very important, between the urban's fabric and nature's part, because it emerges from the main plaza and become a scenographic stage. For this reason it was planned a rock garden, over there is the ancient castle , decorated from spontaneous nature, putting in different ways. With regard to landscape project it was provides to plant native flora alternated rocks with shrub. The choice has been made taking into consideration the criterions of minimum conservation of green spaces with natural irrigation (rain water) , and pruning and fertilization ( just one in a year) . The planning proposal didn't degenerate the original system and functions although it improved the functionality and the fruition of disabled complying with the places and historic tradition. The external ways and terrace will be made with white rock (10 cm) that come from Irpinia.


    Contract: Competition - Integrated agreement

    Project start: 2014

    Site: Bagnoli Irpino

    Client: Comune di Bagnoli Irpino

    Covered area: 1113 mq

    Project cost: € 1.810.954,00

    Phase:Second Place

    Architect:Giancarlo Scognamiglio

    Construction company: SEPE Costruzioni

    Plant design: Ing. P. Scognamiglio

    Collaborators: Silvana Scarati Enrica Globo


Castello Cavaniglia's restoration