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    Renovation of former Cinema-Theatre “Astra” and new service building.

    The program involved the construction of a multipurpose cultural center, with the renovation of a former ‘50s picture house located in the inner city, and the joining of an adjacent new volume. The 500 seats auditorium is completely renewed and made available for different uses (screenings, performances, concerts, lectures). Beside it, an exhibition hall, a rehearsals venue with the possibility of opening to the public for small events, a local snack bar with the chance of independent access and a range of space for activities support.


     Project start: 2001

    Completion: 2009

    Site: Chioggia, calle S. Nicolò

    Client: Comune di Chioggia

    Covered area: 1800 mq

    Project cost: €3.500.000,00

    Phase: Realized

    Architect: Giancarlo Scognamiglio

    RTP: F. Bocchino, Studio zero 5 , saab progetti

    Structural Engineer : M. Como

    Plan design: Ing. Giampiero Rasulo, Ing. Giuseppe Bruno.

    Construction company: PIVATO srl

    Collaborators: Francesco Greco, Anna Russo


City Theatre of Chioggia