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    Intervention of walking lane' s make sure, external spaces' restoration and senior centre. The improvement proposal derives by careful and deepened analysis of aesthetic, functional, qualitative and architectonic parameters.

    The first aim is to project with environmentally compatible sense, eliminating and reducing the use of material non ecological. Some used materials thought for a dynamical functional, that help to "clean" the surrounding ambient, through the "photo- catalytic" action, so the content of CO2 goes down.

    In addition to eco-friendly materials 's choice , we preferred materials that have recognizable aesthetic, architectonic, functional values and in the same time they must have easy and economic installation.

    With regard to project part, where it was necessary, we decided to get a greater quality, without alter the substantial characteristics. In particular Ancient centre 'spaces were projected, substituted the type and material of structure for wood, that is more ecological. The wood was used for all constructive elements, as covering facade, doors of access into the park, or urban fabric like  bench, light pole... The using of the wood defines a planning and architectonic theme, that characterize the whole intervention and become important for reach the main objective that is the sustainability. It was pay attention to put informative elements both for blind and deaf people. Also the internal corridors were project based on passing architectural barriers.



     Contract: Competition- Integrated agreement

    Project start: 2013

    Site: Acerra

    Client: OO.PP. Interregionale Campania - Molise

    Covered area: 600 m2

    Gross floor area: 1000 m2

    Project cost: € 4.363.529,37

    Phase: Currently underway

    Architect: Giancarlo Scognamiglio

    Plant design: Ing. A. Perillo

    Collaborators: Francesco Greco, Anna Russo, Marco Russo, Silvana Scarati



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