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    The proposal has the objective of develop a project that improve the complex both by a point of management  view and by a point of functional and productive view, so getting better the architectonic and structural aspect. The technical project was developed in three phases:

    - First phase: interventions that achieve in a short period and guarantee the immediate fruition in full compliance with the regulations that protect:

    • the security of personal and of users

    • the public safety

    • the healthiness of ambient

    • the accessibility of handicapped

    • Plant adjustment

    • Sanitary aspects

    • Fire prevention system

    - The second phase: interviews to make later the use of the installation for heal, restructure and re modular the parts useless, like gym competition, gym underlying, bleachers and skating.

    - The third phase: interviews of functional and structural of sportive complex, using eco friendly material and installations for energetic improvement.

    One of fundamental elements is the reactivation of historic access from Piazza Quattro giornate through the realization of a new access for the public, in occasion of events and manifestation.

    The planning interview provides for the realization of a brise-soleil system made in wood in superior part, so became an almost transparent building, that talks with the preexisting. Il was decided to put the main entrance on Piazza Quattro Giornate for the presence of the metro, that it’s a connection with the other part of the city.

    The aim of the project not is only to planning the requalification of the whole complex, but also intervene on the elements that establish the interface between the sportive complex and urban ambient.




    Contract: Project financing

    Project start: 2015

    Site: Regione Campania

    Client: Giano s.r.l.

    Covered area: 28.583,72 m2

    Project cost: € 8.000.000,00

    Phase: First phase: currently underway

    Architect: Giancarlo Scognamiglio

    Structural Engineer : Ing. G. Schisa

    Plant design: Ing. A. Perillo

    Collaborators: Anna Russo, Marco Russo, Silvana Scarati, Enrica Globo









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