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    The intervention concerns the restoration, the conservative substitution and the innovative substitution of  the government building in the L’Aquila’ s inner city. The main objectives of urban integration are: the public space’s qualification, road system’ solution and pedestrian permeability.


    The project is characterized in different ways of approach:

    - Conservative restoration’s interview, related to the parts with historic and type-morphological vocation, that were less damaged . The project tends to recompose and reconstruct the existing structure.

    - Conservative substitution’s interview, related to elements added to original and typological structure, that were mainly damaged. The project provides for the wall substitution based on original type.

    - From the beginning substitution’s interview of parts that aren’t coherent on typological plain and were subjected to many handing and transformation. The project considers the demolition and reconstruction of the elements with different structure and materials.

    - Innovative construction related to external parts of the original building.


    The interview’s architectonic character, meant as occasion to reactive a part of the city and its change intended use, is achieving remarkable effects on urban arrangement. With this awareness it was individuated a broaden environment composed of public buildings and spaces that have a link with planning area. In the inner area there is deconsecrated church called S. Agostino that it could be included in the complex and hosted complementary function. The conservative recovery, the existent’s re-funcionalisation, the demolitions and reconstructions allow the achievement of one of main aims: the sustainability. It permits the saving of soil resource, with the consequent saving materials, energetic, naturals and the elimination of potential negative impacts, that could derive from the construction of the new building in a free area of the city. The realization of urban project wants respond to the aims of social sustainability, that are fulfilled through the conservation of place’s identity characters and the qualification of public spaces. The interview characterizes by the individuation of a pedestrian trestle base on the polarity of via S. Agostino, Piazza S.Maria di Bagno, Piazza della Repubblica and on the pedestrian public crossing and on internal crossing.


     Project start: 2007

    Completion: 2013

    Site: Corso Resina, Ercolano

    Client: Comune di Ercolano

    Covered area: 10000 m2

    Project cost: € 287161,25

    Phase: Realized

    Architect: Giancarlo Scognamiglio with E. Guazzoni and StudioZero 5













Corso Resina