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    It was project one of the most important books’ megastore in a part of Naples’ inner city: Piazza dei Martiri. The urban intervention occupied itself to rebuild the building curtain thanks to the construction of a portico. It was the first megastore in the city, on 4 levels, with integrated cultural services: library with reading rooms, CDs with listening spaces, dvd with “home theater” space, bar, children’s area, small hall for lectures and concerts. The attention to the architectural space is focused on the connection points: the entrance, with a double-height space behind the large windows, which allows to read the different floors; the central staircase, transparent and bright, in steel and glass, which connects the 4 levels. The structures of the existing building has been used and placed in sight.


    Project start: 2000

    Completion: 2001

    Site: Piazza dei Martiri, Napoli

    Client: Librerie Feltrinelli S.p.A. / META s.n.c.11 hectares, 1.800 m

    Covered area: 2700 m2

    Project cost: € 1.100.000,00

    Phase: Realized

    Architect: Giancarlo Scognamiglio

    Designer:  M. Sal

    Structural Engineer : G. Portomeo

    Construction company: Epilatellana

    Plant design: G. Bruno - G. Rasulo

    Collaborators:  F.Greco, F.Orioli, A.Russo
















La Feltrinelli Books&Music in Naples