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    The architectural complex favors the permeability of space inside and out.

    The large glazed atrium is in continuity with the square in front and a sequence of blocks of salt is rhythmically interrupted by slits glass in which are arranged the stairs, the horizontal connections and outputs of service. The planimetric is readable even volumetrically and functions are highlighted by different finishing materials: the broad masses of the rooms are covered with high pressure laminate panels, fiber optic paths to color variables.

    The halls are lined with sound-absorbing panels in MDF with wood finish, marked by a system of linear lighting recessed.

    The “bellies” volumes gradonati, legible atrium, towels are translucent backlit.

    The outputs on the back are suspended walkways to the garden, which anchor the building to the large open area for parking.

    The main characteristics are:

     11 screens, 2.740 seats ( 17 for people with disabilities); 3 big screen with 706, 430 , 360 seats

     Green Area about 2000 m2 and external space for holding position in front of the atrium aproximately 800 m2. Atrium, internal space for receive the people, about 1200 m2 with bar and services.

     Booking - office.

     6 teller's windows integrated by 6 ticket machine usable with bancomat.

     2 fast food  with different offers approximately 700 mq.

     Cybercafè with 8 internet access

     other services: kinder corner, penny arcade, bank teller

     Security - monitored parking with 500 car seaters (10 for people with disabilities) and 45 motorcycle seats


    Project start: 1998

    Completion: 2003

    Site: Viale giochi del Mediterraneo, Napoli

    Client: Giochi del Mediterraneo S.r.l.

    Covered area: 8500 m2

    Project cost: € 20.000.000,00

    Phase: Realized

    Architect: Giancarlo Scognamiglio - A. Costa

    Structural Engineer : R. Sparacio

    Landscape Architect: F. Cembalo

    Acoustic consultation: Prof. Ing. Carmine Ianniello

    Construction company: L.D.B. - Brancaccio S.p.a

    Plant design: G. Bruno - G. Rasulo

    Collaborators: F.Greco, P.Russo, A.Russo

MED Maxicinema – Naples