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    The measures taken to restore Palazzo Margherita, a monumental building, aim for respect and value its architectural and stylistic peculiarity.

     Therefore it planned to value the typological system, preserve and restore the architectural facade ( external and internal front) .

    Palazzo Margherita' s typology is the central courtyard, characterized by public space and hallways of distribution.

    The objective of the project isn't only to design the functions of branch public administration, but also to value the role of building for the community.

    In particular the interventions, that follow the indication contained in the guidelines of M.I.B.A.C, provide for the restoration and reactivation of the bearing structures of the vaults in the first floor.

    Whereas in the second and third floor, the horizontal structures are in joist and hollow flat block therefore the vaults are decorative and they will be recovering.


    Contract: Competition- Integrated agreement

    Project start: 2013

    Completion:First place: Currently underway

    Site: Piazza Palazzo, L'Aquila

    Client: Comune de L'Aquila_ SettoreRicostruzione Pubblica

    Covered area: 2200 m2

    Project cost: € 9.431.884,37

    Phase: currently underway

    Architect: Giancarlo Scognamiglio

    Restorer: Prof. Arch. Ing. G. G. Maciocco

    Structural Engineer : Ies ingegneria

    Plant design: Ies ingegneria

    Construction company: SAMOA srl - SEPE costruzioni

    Collaborators: Anna Russo, Marco Russo, Silvana Scarati


Palazzo Margherita's restoration