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    It was projected a part of the Naples' s port that aimed to improve the urban quality through the drawing and rearrangement  the side near the railway.

    The intervention for the port area is very important both from the point of view urban,  landscape and architectural part and the infrastructural one. For this reason the project aimed to improve and optimize the goods flow and the vehicular move, but it's also important to give a better accessibility. Our improvement proposal are characterized by the choice of innovative and ecological material, so the project wants to select eco-save materials and to reduce the risks. With regard to technical and functional materials, it paid attention to define some different proposals that improve the system both technologically and to increase the performances, like as durability, maintenance and security.

    Instead from the point of view of transports, we solved the security and comfort problems. It was given greater homogeneity to the landscape through the use of modular elements and for this reason the project become a unique spatial continuum alternated by empty and full. Our planning proposal will become a let-motif that give a rhythm respecting aesthetic parameters, acoustic norms, using eco-save materials without eliminated the directives of tender notice.


    Contract: Competition- Integrated agreement

    Project start: 2014

    Site: Napoli

    Client: OO.PP. Interregionale Campania - Molise

    Project cost: € 24.988.734,53

    Phase:First place: Currently underway

     Architect: Giancarlo Scognamiglio

    Structural Engineer : Prof. Ing. A. De Luca - Ing- Giuseppe Mautone

    Construction company: PAMOTER GENOVA s.r.l.

    Collaborators: Silvana Scarati , Enrica Globo, Alessandro Scognamiglio


Naples's port