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    It was given the possibility to re-thinking a important part of the Naples’ city, via Posillipo, through the project of multifunctional building in a Posillipo theatre.

    The project takes on ancient cinema’s restoration theme and reconversion to modern necessity, like multifunctional building. The interventions respected the mid century style, both maintaining some decorative character and valuing the strong special articulation of architectonic elements, achieving elegant and suggestive interior design, underlined by bright effects.

    The complex program’s resolution requested the using of modern technologies, one of them is a particular system about armchair hidden under the platform, in this way it was brought out the multifunctional character.

    In the exterior space it was recovered the original decorative rhythm, twisted by decades negligence and by different superfetations’ presence.  Furthermore it was expected the terrace’s design like a garden roof destined to relax and food service.

    The intervention looked for the collaboration and synergy of roles, engineers, businessman and experts to give again a important and historic space to the collective.


    Project start: 2007

    Completion: 2010

    Site: Via Posillipo 66, Napoli

    Client: Posillipo Doc. S.r.l.

    Covered area: 625 m2

    Project cost: € 1.800.000,00

    Phase: Realized

    Architect: Giancarlo Scognamiglio / STUDIOZERO5

    Structural engineer: Ing. G. Portomeo

    Collaborators: Anna Russo, Francesco Greco, Riccardo Squillante













Posillipo theatre