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    Stadio San Paolo's restoration functional and urban area's requalification.

    The hypothesis of restoration's stadium come from undelayable necessity of modernize sports facility for these reasons:


    • necessity of adjustment functional and normative

    • working on decadent skin and on plants

    • necessity of urban area's restoration


    In summary, the proposal project, that provides for essential elements' original structure. will be articulated in tree macro-area of intervention:


    1. Interventions of interior area's arena, valid in:


     New steps in continuity to superior tier, providing, the realization of athletics' new track, improvement the visibility.

     Substitution of the covering in polycarbonate and of the iron structure, with the construction of another loop, that extends to insure all seats.

     Elimination of the superior loop and realization of another loop "sky box" that have a elevator for disabled people.

     Extension and adjustment of dressing room, gymnasium and services in the underground.


    2. Interventions in the underlying steps, with the realization of new parts that could contain:


     Commercial, receptive, free time, cultural activities

     Sports complex with gymnasium, pool and wellness centre.

     Food service and places for meeting.

     Museum and official shop.


    3. Interventions in the external area, that provides to realization of:


     Parks in the underground

     Rationalize of accesses and of vehicle accessible

     Requalification of the area through the project of urban park



    Contract: Project Financing

    Project start: 2014

    Site: Piazzale Tecchio, Napoli

    Client: Privato

    Covered area: 84.300 m2

    Project cost: € 100.000.000,00

    Phase: Preliminary

    Architect: Giancarlo Scognamiglio

    Collaborators: Alessandro Scognamiglio, Silvana Scarati, Enrica Globo, Davide Mazzella


Stadio San Paolo's restoration