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    The project provides for the transformation of the whole directional building, the offices  and the internal spaces of the complex Stim in Latina.

    The existing building has prefabricated structure without character and it was completely transformed through the using of a aluminum upholstery and glass wall that gives well-structured volumetric  highlighted by the project of external spaces with a regular module.

    The building which will contain two departments operating in the technology sector, will rise in a parcel bounded on NS axis by Naples University and on EW axis by S. Paolo Stadium.




    Project start: 2005

    Completation: 2008

    Site: cisterna Latina

    Client: Stim s.r.l.

    Gross floor area: 6000 mq

    Covered area: 1000 mq

    Project cost: €1.400.000,00

    Phase: Realized

    Architect: Giancarlo Scogliamiglio /StudioZero5

    designer: Domenico De Luca

    Construction company: Sepi srl

    Collaborators: Francesco Greco, Anna Russo



Industrial park "Stim"