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    The waterfront's area is long about 1800 ml, proximately 11 ha, between the Granatello's inner city and the monumental complex, that hosts the rail museum of Real Fabbrica di Pietrarsa. This place is characterized by black sand and rock of volcanic origins and there are some dunes that wear away by 5,40 m until the sea making suggestive difference in height and by a primitive flora that resists the modern alterations. The idea of new plant based on functional concept under which the walking and bike lane becomes the central thorn of the waterfront project. A module of 120 meters holds any 20 meters a series of elements that alternates in sequence: wall protectors, panoramic viewpoint, bench, wood stairs or ramp. Specifically the walking and bike lane is 3.5 meters of width and follow the windy ground and it's made in light concrete. There is a protection from external side makes in concrete and a teak wood flooring. The walking and bike lane signs two different areas, one upstream , near Portici's centre, one downstream, near the sea. This two different areas will be signed both functionally that architecturally in two different ways but with a strange symbolic and functional integration. The upstream part has aggregative function with urban nature instead the downstream has aggregative function with artistic- sport nature . This system is accentuated by the lighting , in addition to furniture.




    Contract:Competition   - Integrated agreement

    Project start:2014

    Site: Portici

    Client: Comune di Portici

    Covered area: 11 hectares, 1.800 m

    Project cost: € 7.869.646,87

    Phase: Second Place

    Architect: Giancarlo Scognamiglio

    Landscape Architect: M. Vaino

    Construction company: Romano Costruzioni

    Plant design: A. Perillo

    Collaborators: Silvana Scarati, Enrica Globo


Waterfront Portici